Welcome to Aliengena Inc.

Aliengena Inc. provides offshore staffing services for a variety of industries in all English speaking countries.

While we are passionate about the freight transportation industry because of our years of experience there, we have adapted our services to assist all types of companies with their competitiveness in today's global marketplace. The world is changing. We believe companies that do not take this change into account could be left behind.

Survive and Thrive with Offshore Staffing

In our model, offshore staffing is the process of having workers in another country process your work for you. You keep your management and support staff in-house - retaining your core competencies -- while our offshore team in India processes your routine, non-core work. This model ensures you maintain your industry-specific knowledge and valuable customer relations while offloading the more mundane activities at a substantial discount.

More value than just cost savings

Price isn't the only factor to consider. By working with Aliengena Inc., you are shifting your base-level, lower-prestige office work to a market where those jobs are considered prestigious and highly sought. That allows us to hire well educated, high-level staff in India to work for you, dramatically increasing the quality and quantity of work output.


We work to best meet your needs at any given time, both in volume of work and cash flow. If your business is slow, you can easily reduce your offshore staff. When business picks up, we can quickly add staff. This critical flexibility helps our customers accomplish their goals without the pain of layoffs, the inconvenience of searching for qualified personnel, and without having to worry about providing benefits.

Offshore staffing with Aliengena Inc. is your 21st Century solution for success.

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