Trucking Collections

Aliengena Inc. specializes in trucking collections. Our model is focused on the prevention of bad debt not just the recovery of it. Proper dunning of invoices is critical in reducing the amount of bad debt on a company’s books. Using our offshore facility based in Pune, India we can offer you high quality, transportation trained employees to dun your invoices, resolve invoice problems, perform bond filings, bill 3rd parties and perform other pertinent collection functions. This will reduce your bad debt for a fraction of the cost to perform these functions in house.

Generally companies will adopt offshore staffing in an effort to cut costs. Wages aren’t the only thing that will be lower; you will also find decreases in training costs, insurance packages, taxes and benefits.

If cost cutting brings you to outsourcing increased quality will keep you. We are professionals in managing Accounts Receivables with extensive experience in getting you paid for the work you do. Knowing you have us working diligently to collect your invoices will free you up to focus on building your business.

When you contract with Aliengena Inc. you can be assured that you have top of the line people working on your accounts. We hire only the best of the best and pay a premium wage to our employees. Our employees make the equivalent wage of an attorney in India. This mean we are able to attract and retain real talent to put to work on your projects. In effect you will be shifting your base level, low prestige work to an environment where it is highly prestigious and high paid work. The difference in the type of people working on your project will make the difference for your company.

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