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What Makes Aliengena inc. different from other IT Outsourcing companies

Aliengena inc. specializes in offshore staffing rather than outsourcing. Under an outsourcing arrangement your company hands over entire functions to the outsourcing company. The outsourcing company will handle the functions for you and report progress to your company and when done send the final product. Under this arrangement your company is no longer in control. With the Aliengena inc. offshore staffing model your company retains complete control. Aliengena simply hires staff for you that act as your own employees under the direct supervision of your current management team. This allows you to retain your industry specific work force and knowledge base while using Indian employees as support staff.

Aliengena Inc. can build a package that fits the needs of any company.

We hire directly for your specific needs. Unlike some competitors we don't assign you staff we already have, we help you build your team in India, interview as many candidates as it takes until you feel you have found the perfect match.We offer a 6 month guarantee on all new hires!

Smart Staffing

Keep your top developers in-house while allowing your development team in India to provide the base-line support. Working closely with your in house developers, the offshore staff can do the bulk of the labor for a fraction of the cost, building code and applications. Then, they send the work to your top developers who polish it up to your specifications and deliver it to your customers. With the price of developers in the U.S. climbing ever higher, you can't avoid looking at this option.

Custom Software

If you are looking to build your own custom software and have no in house development team let our team in India do it for you!

Application Maintenance

Already have software and just need someone to keep it up and do minor enhancements we can staff that too.

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