Hiring Process  

Offshore through Aliengena Inc. with Confidence

When you offshore through Aliengena Inc.'s team, you can rest assured that you are getting high quality workers in addition to quantifiable savings.

Our Screening Process:

Phone Screening Each recruit goes through extensive pre-hire testing, including an initial phone screening, a logical and reasoning test, and an off-the-cuff test of his or her ability to think on their feet.

First Interview in Office We meet each candidate that passes the phone screening and judge their suitability for the task we are hiring for. In addition to standard interview questions each candidate is required to review audio and/or video clips and is asked questions based on the clip. This helps us determine his or her ability to comprehend a variety of U.S. accents.

Mock Calls Candidates participate in mock calls that are customized to the type of job they are being hired for. Mock calls cover nearly any possible real-life customer service scenario they will encounter, such as dealing with a variety of customer types, from irate to rude or chatty.

Final Screening In the last phase our office performs a screening of all potential candidates. The candidates are subjected to a final interview to determine overall suitability for work with our customers.

Client Reviews Resumes and Conducts Interviews Only after we have performed these extensive prescreening techniques are the candidates resumes then submitted to you for your review. After reviewing the resumes you can select the candidates you would like to conduct phone interview with, video conferences are also available. Interview as many candidates as you like until you feel you have found the right match. All new hires come with a 6 month guarantee! We are that committed to your satisfaction.

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