About Us

In early 2005, our executive team began noticing the face of business had changed. Because of our own experiences in offshoring some of our work, we knew we had what it takes to help other companies adapt to these changes so they can survive and thrive in the global economy.

Aliengena inc. believes in building long-term relationships built on trust, cooperation, teamwork and mutual respect. We are willing to work with companies of any size and from almost any industry.

Aliengena Inc. is based in Heber City, Utah and Pune, India. Our executives have extensive experience in business, we currently operate an insurance company several trucking companies, a finance company, an advertising company and an internet load matching service.

We assemble dedicated staff in India to work for our clients. Our team in India work in our facilities but are at the sole disposal of your company to perform the tasks you assign. In our offshore staffing model, our clients maintain control with their management staff and we help them get support staff overseas. All of our staff in India are college educated and highly motivated to excel due to the extremely competitive work environment.

Why we choose India:

  1. India has a strong culture of education
  2. Massive population with a huge number of graduates entering the workforce each year.
  3. Excellent technological infrastructure
  4. Excellent work ethic
  5. Culture of service

Our services extend to all English-speaking nations. With over a billion people in India, we are certain we can find you the perfect team to fit your needs.

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